September 21, 2007

My Country

I don’t care too much about “reality” in my creations. Obviously, I live intensely in this “reality” as all of us do, but what I love the most is another world of Beauty.

Although I “use”, sometimes, natural forms, I’m more distant from naturalism than most abstract painters (many of them are looking for “materials”).

Therefore, sometimes I paint fairies, or caves immersed in a dream... and I make continous allusions to inner worlds of Compassion and real, eternal Beauty. These are realms in which I can live.

I can say that I have never truly understood this world of ours, its tremendous sufferings, its absurdity. I can only think of it as a bridge to another universe of Love.

I love silence, books, contemplation, honest people. And, in my soul, I’m not French or Spaniard, Russian or Norwegian.

I love Infinity, I study Infinity, my hope is in Infinity. My brothers are those who suffer. And I love animals as well, I have always loved them, they have always brought to me... happiness. I love mountains, and solitary valleys, and deserts, and distant seas, and a Light that only exists in the land of Infinity.

So, that’s why I paint many times subjects outside of this world. Art can be a way to Infinity, too, a way into our inner, real Self.

Juan Bielsa