November 10, 2008

We have a mission

In the confusion of the world, we have a mission.

A voice within us speaks very clearly: "You have a mission".

But all the confusion in the world speaks very loudly; a thousand televisions speaks, and a thousand cell phones, and thousands of opinions... Our solitary soul remains in the distance, silent in the dark.

But, at night, sometimes, when there is a great silence... we hear the voice, the voice of the heart: "You have a mission... You need to love. You have a dream".

We'll try a thousand tasks in the world, maybe will be successful in the eyes of the world... But then silence speaks, like the memory of our first love, with virgin lips and a kiss full of innocence and truth: "You have a great dream". Silence will always speak, and our soul will always will be calling to us, with feminine freshness, a caress: "I'm with you. You have a mission".

We'll always have our dream at hand, in our hearts, waiting, like an eternal love. Time passes, time passes... But it will never be too late to start to accomplish our task of eternity.

Am I failing in my life? If I'm not answering positively my inner call, yes, I'm failing. Absolutely.

I have no choice. All my efforts in this world will be useless and condemned to nothingness if they don't meet my dream.

I would like to be prepared to fail in this world if necessary (and I know that is tremendously hard). But I don't want to fail in my heart, I don't want to see all my years wasted without accomplishing worthy dreams, a prayer.

Juan Bielsa

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