December 10, 2009

Poetry and prayer

Our interests in life, as we get older, become more specific and clear.

In my life, for example, I've arrived at this conclusion: what is better for me is prayer. I'm sure many people think this way as well. But surely for each person prayer adopt different forms.

I like a solitary prayer. I'm alone in this world. You and Jesus, you and Buddha, you and the silence, you and Love.

I see external things more and more like a dream, they've lost consistence over the years. I see them only as a way toward another world, a more spiritual world. And prayer is to me the way that lead to that real world.

But both Buddha and Jesus recognized the obstacle of suffering. Suffering is very real, although most of the things of this world are like a dream.

Prayer is my way. But I consider myself a poet, so i still play with the beauty of this world, a sensuous beauty leading always to a more spiritual, compassive Land.

Juan Bielsa