January 7, 2010

Poem in English

A glance of paradise

A glance of paradise
Original painting by Juan Bielsa - Sold

Infinite moment

In realms of lofts
live cats outside of time
and soldiers of fantasy,
and songs of birds
and music of another worlds
_coloured planets_, lights
and little stars in universes
always dreaming.
In lofts in heaven
live old dolls; the sun caresses
in endless evenings
little eyes, littles faces
in the silence.
There live
forgotten books;
the wind _old hands_ flicks through
its yellow pages,
randomly, like playing.
There live
another souls,
maybe some poet, travelling
its mind in timeless ways,
watching maps
of countries that don't exist
and never existed;
watchtowers of calmness,
the heart in stillness,
infinite moment.

Juan Bielsa