January 31, 2009

Twitter. Microblogging.


This is only a micropost to say that I'm twittering!

It is curious, because I never thought those social media online could work for me. And I have much work to do, so maybe I won't have much time to write "tweets" (that's the way one defines on Twitter a short message).

Yes, I'm surprised because for the first time a social media online interests me. I can see clearly that it can be useful for me, and the most important part: there are very good people out there; you can help others and others can help you.

The idea behind Twitter is great: microblogging (in a few words we can say many useful things). The great idea is SIMPLICITY. Twitter understands it. A brilliant idea (which could be represented by Google, Blogger, Twitter...) mixed with simplicity almost always works, almost always wins and is successful. People who launched Twitter, no doubt, were clever people.

Yes, Twitter is very simple. And it is also very USABLE, takes care of USABILITY and users. Twitter is very simple and easy to use, yet it can be used in a great variety of ways and has tons of different possibilities for every person, and without never forgetting its original simplicity.

In Twitter you can ask a short question or answer other people's questions, you can join interesting groups, you can search what interests you, you can make friends. And you can inform of your activities as well. "What are you doing now?"

Surely each person uses Twitter differently. Strange, the past days I've used Twitter as a sort of "meditative journal". I know, I know, alas! I won't have much time to do that in the future, but I'm exploring the possibilities of Twitter by now. I know that even could be addictive. But I permit myself to wander a little...

I've said that I use Twitter as a sort of personal journal. So I'm not following people "as I should", and very few people are following me (obvious). But only in a few days I am fully aware that Twitter has tremendous possibilities for people who have the time to write "tweets", ask questions, help others...

I've only pointed here a few features of Twitter. Twitter is a great country and I've just arrived in this land.

Ah! I forgot: you can find me in Twitter here: www.twitter.com/juanbielsa

By now I only have 4 followers, but I'm proud of them :)

Juan Bielsa