September 3, 2008


The Universal Mind - Painting by Juan Bielsa

The Universal Mind
Painting by Juan Bielsa

When I look in history for women and men of great accomplishment, almost always I see a common trait: they have a MISSION. Some authors call it “a magnificent obsession”.

Obviously there are “missions” of many kinds; some are clearly positive ones and others not so worthy, or even negative ones. I think that the only MISSION that can give us strength and perseverance, and endurance in the hard times, is only a WORTHY MISSION, a sincere passion for something very valuable, call it an “innocent” and gigantic passion without a gigantic ego.

If we have a GREAT MISSION, we can surmount many obstacles, we can endure a lot of hardships which probably would seem impossible to overcome otherwise. A MISSION can certainly give to us the necessary force to go ahead without excessive procastination or doubts, regardless of circumstances. A MISSION IS LOVE for what we do, and nothing is more powerful than love in the long run.

When we have a MISSION, call it if you want “a magnificent obsession”, we do daily what we HAVE to do, we do our inner duty, what dictates our consciousness, and so it can be possible for us not to pay too much attention to the infinite distractions _and temptations_ which we encounter every hour, every day, in our way.

In the recesses of my mind I have a great MISSION to accomplish. And you have YOUR MISSION, a very great one, I’m sure of that. All of us have a magnificent dream waiting to be accomplished and fulfilled daily. It is the deepest of all things, I think. We even can have some embarrassment to make public this GREAT DREAM, just because its greatness. In every valuable dream there are so many utopian drops and extraordinary possibilities... It can give colors and sense to all things in our life. A worthy MISSION can be the cornerstone of our life and a fabulous adventure.

A MISSION... Following the pace _certainly, with modesty and humility_ of Alexander, Columbus, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Edison, Madame Curie, Tesla, Mother Teresa... All of us have in reality entire continents to be discovered, continents of love and compassion, continents of understanding, continents of beauty, continents of peace and wonder, continents full of future and hope...

Juan Bielsa

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