December 29, 2008

All beings

I love a God who loves all beings

God loves all beings
Photograph by Juan Bielsa

I love a God who loves
all beings.
I love a God
of compassion.
I love compassion.

I love a God who loves
all beings,
even the smallest of them,
even animals.
Perhaps this may offend you,
but that's my belief,
I can't say lies.

All the infinite pain
on this world
is an infinite, terrible mystery,
but still I love a Love
of redemption,
of infinite mercy.

I believe and I need to believe.
My life has no sense
without a vision _landscapes_
of Paradise.

Maybe is a good thing
to read, sometimes,
sacred books.
But God is always speaking
with the light of the Spirit
as well, answering
prayers, writing Words
in the sacred books of our hearts.

God is a universal love,
God loves all beings,
God has prepared for all of them,
for all of us,
the heavenly fields
of Paradise.

Juan Bielsa