February 24, 2008

Agyness Deyn, absolute elegance


Agyness Deyn
Profound, unconventional elegance

The British model has consolidated her position as a reference point in the world of fashion.

Agyness Deyn does not need to be compared with other models to reinforce her influence, and obviously does not need anymore that cliché of being the “new Kate Moss”. Agyness has a very special personality, with unmistakable characteristics, making of her a potent light in the field of beauty and style; she has also a powerful way of communicating trends.

Agyness has a serene elegance, a supreme one, and very natural. She communicates magic to everything she contacts, always turns in elegance everything she touches. Nothing is conventional in her presence. Her feminity is profound, distinct, full of subtelities. Absolute feminity, and always a sense of freedom. If we truly contemplate Agyness, there is nothing androgynous in her. In this regard I don’t agree, naturally, with some people who claim precisely that.

Agyness Deyn emerges as a model for a woman who dislikes to adhere to some stereotypes that can thwart many wonderful potentialities. She is a sign of our times and for the future of an unconventional beauty. With mystery, a lot of mystery. Giorgio Armani’s firm has made the right choice in selecting her as the face for the company.

Agyness is Agyness, incredibly unique. Surely the present-day trend of emphasize the wonderful possibilities of a lovely short hair in women is largely due to her. With her platinum (or dark) short hair, Agyness is Agyness, an icon of a desinhibited elegance, a profound elegance for our times and beyond.

Juan Bielsa

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February 5, 2008

Painting and contemplation

Meditation room - Juan Bielsa

Meditation room
Oil on canvas by Juan Bielsa.
Painting for sale.

It is a truism. Each one of us has a UNIQUE personality, we are precious specimens. Each one of us is an original, and so we have different worlds to create, we em body different potentialities ready to be expressed on the canvas of life.

One of my best friends, for example, has a real passion for travels. When he is not working, he is continually asking himself: Well, where can I go now? He has traveled to France, to the Alps, to Germany, to Norway, to Lithuania, to Russia... He has plans to travel to the lake Baikal, in Siberia.

Instead... my pleasure is in contemplation. I travel a lot, too, but in spirit... My passion is contemplation. My passion is silence, a precious book, a lovely landscape, a good friend, an empty canvas. I lose myself in the pages of a book, I travel upon silent maps, upon the beautiful eyes of a cat, I meditate watching the poetry of sunsets, feeling the wind on my face.

It must be wonderful to travel to Norway (“the Mecca of beauty”, my friend said). It would be splendid to watch the fiords from a mountain... But, instead, I take a book by Knut Hamsun, for example, and I can really feel the fresh soul of Norway, and I can travel in this way, poetically, even to Laponia, to Iceland, to Greenland, to a paradise of fantasy and mystery.

The same is with my paintings. I paint them in meditation. When they are finished, I place them in my studio, or in my bedroom, and then I travel through them to universes that I like: Silence, Soul, Innocence.

I have a dream for my life, a gread dream: to build my house of eternity, a great room for meditation, a gigantic room for contemplation, where one can meditate upon the beauty of Love, where one can read the great book of Love.

Juan Bielsa

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