November 26, 2008

Homage to my dog

This was Boi's house

I would like to write some words to pay homage to my dog, Boi.

He died three days ago. He has been my companion for fifteen years. I've lived with him the most happy years of my life. Thank you, dear Boi.


Poets know that all beings have a soul, that exists a paradise for all of them.

Boi, I know that you live now in the most beautiful landscapes. Yes, we lived together for years in our wonderful paradise as well, on this Earth, which you loved with all your heart. You were the soul of our beloved deserts.

Boi lived all his life here

Boi loved these landscapes
Photograph by Juan Bielsa

You adored freedom all your life. That's the word: freedom. You loved it.

My friend, Boi.... Allow me to say to you: I loved you and I love you. And I will always love you. My companion for eternity.

My friend Boi

Boi, if you, sometimes, remember me, that's an honor. From your paradise of freedom and beauty, please remember me, sometimes, as I remember you now, from these lands that you loved.

Please remember me. I would like to know also, some day, your paradise. I would like to wander with you the ways of eternity, as we wandered on this Earth the ways of happiness.

Boi, thank you for your friendship, thank you for you love, for your generous soul.

Juan Bielsa

The landscapes that Boi loved

The lands where Boi lived
Photograph by Juan Bielsa