April 11, 2009

Silent blog

Dancing - Drawing by Juan Bielsa

Dancing - Drawing by Juan Bielsa
© Juan Bielsa

Lately I don't write very often in this blog. Certainly it may be called "a silent blog".

Some professional translations (from Spanish to Catalan) and other works have kept me away from it, and the same can be said of my blogs in other languages.

A silent blog... Well, that's not so bad. I love silence and contemplation, so... Among millions and millions of interferences and noises of all kind in this world, silence is positive many times. At least I need silence.

There are here in Spain wonderful landscapes everywhere. People mostly like "spectacular" landscapes, like the famous Pyrenees. But there are also humble, modest, unknown spots where one can find many wonders as well, a house for the soul. They are silent, very few look at them carefully, with the heart. But you can find a profound beauty there. We need that kind of paradises as well, I think.

And the same can be said of art... There are many famous paintings and painters; everybody knows them. They have a name... But there are also unknown paintings very beautiful, full of truth and beauty, like an honest beautiful woman, like silent valleys full of calm and God, full of flowers like diamonds and love, ideals as support for meditation, to investigate our true self. And maybe this kind of art, silent and full of Spirit, is the only true art that merit that name these days, the last true art that survives in this world of ours.

Juan Bielsa