January 22, 2009

Sensuality and mysticism

Sensuality and mysticism

Landscape of Pyrenees
Photograph by my Aragonese friend
Migalánchel Martín Pardos

So many days reading and thinking...

Sometimes it is very late when I go to bed.

It is pretty clear for me now. My vision of things will always be, somehow, politically incorrect.

It is for me difficult to think and act without connecting all to a certain transcendence. But certainly my idea of transcendence is very particular.

My spiritual ideas don't exclude sensuality, but normally they refer this sensuality to a higher plane.

Sinners are creatures loved by God, because they have a spiritual spark that never dies, and God IS Compassion. This sensual world of us can be a wonderful tool, if we have good will. Money can be absolutely sacred, if used correctly. Money can free us from the tyrannical power of things, if used correctly.

I think arrogance is a terrible sin, though. It is the worst of all idols. Is your religion the only "true" religion? Do you think that many people are spiritually "wrong"?

You can read the great mystics of all time: they all teach the SAME religion. But then here comes arrogance, here come those who know they are "truly" religious people, and with them here comes horror, and lack of compassion and love for ALL creatures _human beings, animals..._, here comes lack of understanding, and division, and violence.

Better to love sensuality, but without adding to the world more horror and sufferings.

Better to paint and draw sensuality pointing to the Infinity.

Better to write sensual poems and to offer them to the Light.

Better to be a sinner who strives to improve every day.

Better to love Beauty and Love.

Better to create and live with humility, better to aspire to reunite our spiritual spark in the Spark.

Better to be an artist, a poet.

Better to be a simple being.

Better to be a sinner in its way into paradise.

Juan Bielsa