October 2, 2007


Contemporary art : Freedom

It is obvious: In life everything changes, painters as well. My artistic expression is now much less concerned with phenomena than years ago.

I'm in love with music and dance, I love spiritual symbols and concepts, and I consider external reality simply as a tool in my art. In that reality, objects have light and shadows... but I don't care for all this in my practice of painting. I "use" reality, but my art is not a copy of phenomena. I love the art that is just music and rhythm, a spiritual dance. Very few contemporary artists have reached this realm.

I remember now an Italian artist, Modigliani. He is known for his nudes. He deliberately ignored shadows in his paintings, he completely subjected his expression to an inner necessity, although "using" external references. And I love Modigliani for that. I love this freedom. True art is freedom.

Juan Bielsa