November 26, 2007



I think one of the most difficult things in life is to really know what we want. And to know it sufficiently well, after a profound reflection. It involves, no doubt, a lot of hard work and can take lots of hours and hours, weeks, months.

It is true that, in reality, all of us are in search of “success”, and for each person that word may signify different things. It is a real necessity then to start mapping what we want to attain, clarify our ideals, in order to make possible that “success”, which is the goal (or goals) in concrete form, an experiential stage in our way. When we know what we want and are willing to map our dreams, then all that’s necessary is energy, faith...

If, someday, that what we call reality fits perfectly with our map, that day we have attained... success. That means that we have had integrity and commitment, that we have practiced with our will, that we have been coherent with ourselves.

But to know what we want is so hard (at any age), to map our dreams is not easy, and the many hardships of life sometimes are making difficult to preserve our will and energy.

And, nevertheless, that’s the task of life, I think, to choose our most cherised way and to follow it, no matter what others may be saying or thinking.

There were people in history, for example, who knew perfectly very early in life what they wanted, and were very passionate about it, never hesitating about the way chosen. They had a clear vocation and attained success. They were the privileged ones. Now I think of Mozart.

Juan Bielsa