December 25, 2007


Contemplative blog

Is this a blog? I don't know. I would be nice a tool to transform inner contemplations into posts. In this case, you'll have here a wonderful book, plenty of ideas to think about.

But this tool does not exist, and so you can see nothing here.

Some years ago I fell in love with sunsets, splendid sunsets in Aragon. I made mentally poems and poems, wonderful ones, about sunsets, about mountains in crimsons and purples. But this book of prayers, a masterpiece I can say, still lives in the White Mountains.

I could stare for days and days at the mound of creation, Piagordo. When the sun, Amon-Ra, kisses the soul of the mountain (a prayer), the world is created again.

I would like to be an expert in Egyptian art and religion (but I'm not). You know... the mound of creation.

I would like to be an expert in clouds and sunsets and silence, and paintings not painted.

Already two months without painting a thing... If I was not an optimist (am I?) I would say: "This is the End". But I read almost everyday some pages of positive psicology, you know...

If you love sunsets, then you are my friend. If you love Egyptian religion, if you speak some dead language, then you can understand me.

What a marvelous clouds today in Piagordo, what a silence... Another day of contemplation. If you love paintings only in imagination, the most fantastic in the world, then I'm your painter. Paintings without the sadness of the world, paintings painted in Paradise.

My beloved cat Cati used to watch sunsets every day, absolutely respectful. Like an Egyptian cat, a divinity.

Juan Bielsa