January 16, 2008

Franz Marc, painter of purity

Franz Marc - Blauer Reiter

Cat painted by Franz Marc
Franz Marc was a member
of the impressionist German group "Blauer Reiter" (Blue Rider).

Franz Marc (1880-1916), during all this life, was a seeker of purity and truth. He did not find them in the human being. So he tried to find these qualities in animals. You can admire his magnificent paintings in which the main subjects are blue horses, dogs, cats... You already know that Hitler comdemned the blue horses of Franz Marc, considering them as degenerate art...

Marc died relatively young. At the end of his career, his thoughts about art suffered important changes, always showing a constant evolution toward abstraction. At this point the forms of animals disappear almost entirely. He searched PURITY (only in a spiritual sense, obviously). But unfortunately he did not have sufficient time to give shape to his final artistic ideas.

Each one of us has his preferences about paintings, painters. In my case... I must say: I love Franz Marc.

Juan Bielsa