September 22, 2008

Will power, control and spontaneity

Master Mind Alliance - Painting by Juan Bielsa

Master Mind Alliance
Painting by Juan Bielsa
Oil on board, 69.2 x 50.1 cm
Work for sale

I used to be for the most part of my life a person who disliked control in many ways. I’ve always liked spontaneity, and control seemed to me an antagonist of it. Naturally I’ve been aware of the great fruits and possibilities that training our will power can give to us, but I always was conscious of that with sadness, as if this training was a sort of bitter punishment.

So in my life always existed some fight between spontaneity and control, as if they were not perfectly complementary. Now I think that they are. Spontaneity is good, and control is good. Spontaneity is wonderful, and so it is control. There is fun in spontaneity, and there is fun also in control, and joy, and triumph.

All of us have in our lives some sort of philosophy, maybe a silent philosophy, maybe not completely structured. In my case I think my philosophy has not been so bad, because for the most part of my life I have been happy and I’ve tried to make happy others. But I must admit that perhaps the role of disclipline and control could have played a most important part. I think that that could have been another positive factor in my life.

Control and discipline, and will power, if applied with wisdom, love and compassion can be extraordinary tools, the most useful tools at our disposal. Compassion, yes, because we are not simple machines, and love and wisdom, because in our lives can broke out riots as well, as in any society or country, if we don’t apply righteousness with amorous justice and very carefully, if we don't acknowledge and respect our real needs and nature.

Spontaneity and discipline, what a wonderful couple, if love and wisdom and compassion rule!

Training daily our will power can be a very exciting task. When we accomplish “our duty”, we feel triumfant, happy, radiant. With control, discipline and will power it is perfectly possible to accomplish our most desired objectives. Without them, our dreams will never be completely attainable.

And, most important, in that way we won’t lose spontaneity at all, surely we will be, through our training and control, more spontaneous and happy and confident than ever.

So I see now control and spontaneity as absolutely complementary, in the same manner that we have a creative side and a most analytic side in our brain working perfectly together, as a couple in search of a same objective: our dreams and happiness.

Juan Bielsa


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