October 13, 2008

Happiness and will power


Books can be dangerous also
Some books can have a negative impact in our lives.
I liked this book in my adolescence,
but it turned to be harmful.

In my childhood, I was very, very happy.

It would be hard to imagine a more satisfactory childhood.

But, afterwards... in my adolescence I was unhappy. Why? Being hypersensitive by nature, maybe I did not integrate properly reason. Besides, I was developing at that time a negative approach to many things.

I've always been an avid reader. I read in my adolescence books and more books, many of them were not positive for me.

Time passed. It was hard to find new beliefs, new hopes, a new faith, new friends, new books... and it took some years to become a positive person. It took a lot of effort and reflection.

Incredibly, I became a very happy person again. The last twenty years have been a blessing for me. I've even accomplished in that time the most beautiful dreams of my life.

And now, what? Will I be happy in the future? And you? We don't know. Nobody knows future. But one thing I can say. I'll strive to develop will power. All my efforts will be directed to accomplish this purpose. I would like to strive every hour, day, week, month, every year of my life, to acquire a gigantic will power.

I think I have great qualities, as everyone, but my weak point has always been will power. I have an extraordinary intuition, I know perfectly what is best for me, I'm very cultivated. But... I've been all my life hypersensitive (and always will be), and so I'm easily influenced by circumstances. I NEED to develop will power.

My senses, my energy... will have beautiful fields and gardens, but... there will be also fences all around, there will be absolutely clear limits, sacred limitis, wonderful limits. Even limits in apparently unimportant things.

We battle daily with so many distractions, so many temptations... We must be on our guard, or else we can lose our way, we can cease playing our game and start playing unpleasant ones.

We all know; our economy is in crisis. We even talk of recession, another 1929... Even capitalism needs control, even capitalism needs a clearcut set of rules, sacred ones, which nobody would be allowed to break. If we want a strong economy, we need all that, fences around businesses; we need freedom but also fences and fair play. All game needs rules established in a spirit of justice. If a game has no rules, then this game has no sense, only cheaters will make money, and ultimately the game will finish badly.

Life without clearcut rules ends in disaster.

Happiness, happiness... With amorous controls, with will power, compassion and wisdom, happiness will always be possible and at hand, will always be in our heart, ready to blossom.

Juan Bielsa


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