January 23, 2009

My shop on zazzle.com

Sweet Fairy - Original painting by Juan Bielsa

Sweet Fairy
Oil on canvas, by Juan Bielsa
© Juan Bielsa

I've launched very recently my shop on www.zazzle.com/juanbielsa. You can find there very few products by now, but it is a start. I'll be adding new items in a regular basis.

In recent years my main artistic activity has been to paint oils. I'm an specialist in that. I'll continue, of course, painting in that way. I love oils. But it is time now to regain my passion for drawing and design. In fact, drawing in different techniques has been always a real passion for me, although I've neglected it for some years. But I won prizes with my drawings in my early career. And I've always had a lot of fun drawing and designing. So, let's work!


New items, as I've said, will be added very soon to my shop on www.zazzle.com/juanbielsa and to other blogs of mine in different languages which I want to turn into blogs/shops (like polideza.blogspot.com, in Aragonese language). Letting aside my poems, my main activity in the future on the Internet will focus on creating and selling. I can't avoid it, I'm a poet (mainly in my native Aragonese language), so I'll continue to write poetry, but aside from that, I want to focus on selling my creations. I'm convinced now that that is the best thing for me to do.


And never again I must stop creating art. Never again. That's what I really am: an artist and a poet. Yes, I've another great love: metaphysics. But I understand now that the Internet is not a very good place to show that kind of subjects, at least I think now in this manner. Anyway, I already show my particular vision of metaphysics in my poems.

Maybe Internet, basically, is a place to buy and sell, at least I think now in that way. And we can create and sell so many beautiful, wonderful things, art and objects that many people can truly love!


For example, I LOVE artistic maps, to begin with. When I was a child I was already in love with maps, it was a wonderful way to dream... Yes, I can even create marvelous maps, and another wonders. And you can create even greater wonders. So, let's work!

Juan Bielsa