February 4, 2009

Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot

A gift from my friend
Kim Rodeffer

Kim Rodeffer has nominated me for the Scribbler Award. Thanks a lot, kim.

But for me the real award is receiving this nomination from a person whom I appreciate very much as an artist, person, and blogger. Really that's the award! It is the same in life, I think. We care for honest gifts, simple gifts given to us by friends or our loved ones. Yes, there are "official awards" out there that we can appreciate, but in the long run the most important awards come from honest, good people, giving their best wishes and love to us, without expecting nothing.

So, Kim, thank you for this award that you give to me; it is irrelevant if I don't get the "real" award. I care for "this" award, coming from your generosity and kindness.

There are so many wonderful blogs of artists and creative people... As an example, these fabulous blogs which I visit regularly; You'll find there great ideas, creativity, extraordinary people... Modestly, "my award" goes to them, from my heart:

Ink Vanilla - June Parrish Cookson
Embrace Living - Celestine Chua
Look Far - Amanda Linehan
Lesly Finn
Philip's abstractions

Juan Bielsa