September 20, 2009

My last painting

The cave of the dragon - painting by Juan Bielsa

The cave of the dragon
Oil painting by Juan Bielsa
65 x 54 cm
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This is my last painting, "The cave of the dragon". This is a painting to dream, I think, to meditate on those distant realms living within us. And they are distant because the infinite noises of the world are separating our lives from the most precious of all ways: that of real happiness.

I have this work close to me at this moment, while I'm writing these lines. The photograph that I've taken of it some moments ago don't reflect very well its characteristics; that's the truth. Surely I'll take some other photographs trying to grasp at least a bit of its mystery. One cannot appreciate fully the subtle colors and transitions dancing on the canvas.

"The cave of the dragon" have rested for some days in my studio-meditation-room, and I must say it as become for me a fountain of inspiration, a sort of friend. Sometimes can happen this, some paintings seem to gain life and character, they are like people and can become true friends (they are spiritual entities as well), coloring our existence with its inner beauty.

Juan Bielsa