July 7, 2008


Sweet fairy. painting by Juan Bielsa

Sweet fairy
Painting by Juan Bielsa.
Oil on canvas

Lately I have not been posting very often.

In our lives sometimes is good to have time for reflection. Our art and our attitude about things change after such a periods. Sometimes for the better, or maybe not, who knows. But we are in a constant change, that's for sure.

As we grew older, we know much better what are the better things to do, what is the best direction to follow... But, life is so hard... We know what to do in many cases, but it is not always so easy to follow our convictions. The person who will do that, who will have the necessary courage to do what he believes in, he will be a successful person.

In relation to my art, I must say that I mostly like a kind of symbolism that approaches to abstraction. People agree on that in the sense that enjoy very much my semi-abstractions. I also like playing with the forms of the human body or portraits. The American poet Walt Whitman once said that one can see God in many human faces. I agree.

There are things in this life that I absolutely like: to investigate in the metaphysical field and a kind of fresh aestheticism, a kind of playful representation of what we think Heavens could be... I see beautiful landscapes and there is God, I see lovely faces and I see God (Whitman), I see innocent animals and there I see a Paradise, I see or hear or touch perfect works of art (paintings, songs, sculptures...) and there there is a piece of Heavens, that's an evidence of Heavens.

I must say: I'm very platonic and what I love is a representation of Beauty rather than things in themselves. I know that events and phenomena are absolutely transient, what I like of them is all the beauty and goodness that are hidden in the inside, because that is the place of our dreams. Life is so short. We always dream of beautiful paradises. In any case, I don't want to lose that innocence.

My friend Lesly Finn says to me often that I must not complain of my English. That's right. My English is bad, but you are right Lesly, so here I stop my complaint. I remember when I was a child, those lovely lessons in French. Yes I liked very much French and I still have those old books where I learned to write and speak (but not perfectly...) that beautiful language. But now the International language is English, even in Europe (and even the German language has surpassed French...) Yes, things change...

Things change... and we can always discover new paradises. Thanks to my (bad) English I can travel now to the beautiful land of old movies in the original language. Right now I have seen an old movie, a precious jewel. I just love Gene Kelly's movies, do you? I see miracles without end in those wonderful performances and music and dances...

Contemplations... To move from a thought to another one, like a butterfly in a sunny colorful garden, without any concrete purpose. But many times poets write their most beautiful poems in that manner, without trying, as if God was within their hearts, writing through their hands...

Juan Bielsa

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