July 24, 2008

My new blogs

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson
I have created some new blogs about
beauty, fashion and celebrities.

Recently I have created some new blogs, mostly about beauty and travel.

I’ve had fun creating all these blogs. But the real challenge will be mantaining all of them alive and posting very often. It is curious, but I have much more fun creating sites or blogs than running them. No doubt, the latter is more difficult than the first. In reality, giving birth to a blog is the easy part.

I know that some of these new blogs will have continuity, and others... who knows. When I launch each one of them, I’ve a concret idea, but I don’t know exactly where this idea can lead and its potential. At the same time, all of us have at our disposal a limited amount of time and energy, and that’s an important factor to ponder.

I must say that I like experimenting. Or playing... Sometimes we discover something unexpected and wonderful surprises, as if we were for a walk in a solitary way in the fields... In my youth I liked wandering aimlessly on the moors of my country, or walking with a book under my arms in the little solitary valleys. Sometimes I was absolutely shocked when I discovered wonderful places. Some times I believed that I was in earthly paradises, so beautiful were these unknown spots.

So I’ve created these new blogs and each one of them is an adventure. They can lead to some land full of joy and beauty or perhaps they will have a short life. My illusion and determination is the same in relation with every one of these blogs, but we can’t control completely circumstances and reality.

So, I’ve created one blog about travel in Spanish, viajesia.blogspot.com, which is already listed in Blogged. It’s funny, but this is the most successful of my new blogs so far. I say it’s funny because I thought my new blogs about beauty, music or celebrities would have much more visits than this. I’ve said it's funny also because most people travel more than I. It is true that I have a great knowledge about geography and maps, though, and a real passion for all of this since my childhood.

As I’ve said I’ve created blogs about beauty, music, celebrities... In Spanish we have belnia.blogspot.com, and in English celebsia.blogspot.com, belsei.blogspot.com. Obviously, by now you’ll find on these blogs little content, as in microdirectory.blogspot.com, my latest blog. There is an important risk in running multiple blogs, and that is losing focus on your main sites. Concentration is always a good thing. But, what can I do, I like to play...

Besides, to all of these blogs mentioned I would have to add the existing ones, that is, my blog in my mother tongue, Aragonese, artebielsa.blogspot.com, my blog in Catalan, bielsart.blogspot.com, my blog in Spanish, juanbielsa.blogspot.com, my blog in Italian, bellezzarte.blogspot.com, and finally my blogs in English, mapsia.blogspot.com and this blog, poeticpainting.blogspot.com. Many blogs? You bet. And then there are my sites...

But all of this can give you a wrong idea about the whole thing. Many people work harder on a single blog than I do on all my blogs. They post almost daily on them. I do what I can, but because I own so many blogs and sites I must have a different approach.

I like (and praise) simplicity, and nevertheless I always end up in situations where certainly simplicity is absent in many ways. I see myself at this moment like a juggler playing with many balls. A lot of “fun” is expected...

Nevertheless, I hope I’ll post very often on this blog. Because it is special to me. And I hope you’ll follow this travel towards the lands of art and beauty.

Juan Bielsa

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