July 29, 2008

Marilyn Monroe, forever

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

During all my life I didn’t pay much attention to Marilyn as an actress or even a celebrity. Of course, I knew what everyone knows and I had seen her many times on television, books or magazines.

It is true that like most people I always found Marilyn, as an icon in this case, beautiful and potentially interesting, but never found sufficient motivation to investigade more closely her life or her career as an actress. For me were even more familiar the artistic interpretations that Andy Warhol made of her than her movies. I knew her, as I’ve already said, as a simple icon of a certain time, but I had always missed the most important part of her: her ART.

But all that was about to change. One day, some five years ago, I bought a newspaper and it offered the possibility of buying also a film of Marilyn at a good price, and even was announced that the entire collection of Marilyn’s movies will be available in the next weeks. Well, I bought the dvd containing the movie, without many expectations I must say. I remember, that movie was “The seven year itch”, a classic that I enjoyed very much and I’ve seen many times since.

I saw that movie... and... I fell in love with Marilyn. Forever. Not with Marilyn’s myth, not with a “scandalous” Marilyn, not with an “obscure” or distressed Marilyn. No. I fall in love with THE ACTRESS Marilyn. I remember well: with the newspaper came along a second dvd, as a bonus in this case. In this dvd one could see, if one liked it, all the events that surrounded Marilyn’s death, real facts in same cases as well as many guesses or suppositions. But you know what, I hardly saw some minutes of that dvd, and now I don’t know where it is, perhaps lost. I don’t care, because I found these stories about the causes of her death, real or imaginaries, disgusting. I don’t was interested at all on all that.

I bought, week by week, all Marilyn’s movies, and certainly some of them were better than others. There were among them extraordinary movies and ordinary ones. But, you know what, always there was a light on all of them, there was Marilyn’s light, an EXTRAORDINARY ACTRESS, regardless the myth, regardless of the tragedy of her life. And watching her in these movies one can even sense how marvelous being she was along with her tremendous value as an actress.

The real myth incarnated by Marilyn always will be present, forever, in her wonderful performances in so many unforgettable movies. There is no need to always recapitulate the tragic circumstances of her life or death to make her a myth. It is a myth by the virtue of the real worth of her ART. Many people have been shocked by the extraordinary quality of Marilyn as an actress when they’ve seen without prejudices her performances. It is not possible describe the emotions and feelings that Marilyn can awake through her actings. For me, she is a true magician than can uncover for us beauties of the world as well as beauties of the soul.

Oh, Marilyn, what a great soul you had, what a great soul you will always have, eternal. You are more than a myth, you are an angel whose true land was not this Earth of ours, but a realm of goodness and wonders and beauty. What a heritage of light! Marilyn, thank you forever for existing.

Juan Bielsa

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