February 26, 2009

Red Fairy, painting by Juan Bielsa

Red fairy, painting by Juan Bielsa

Red fairy
Oil on board, 60.5 x 76 cm
© Juan Bielsa

In my art femininity is very important. I don't think women are better than men, in general. But I do believe that values associated traditionally with women and femininity are the important ones in this era. Over the years I think my vision of things has become "more feminine". Or at least I live and think this way: I love nature, I love animals, I try to listen and be humble (although I fail many times). Family is very important for me, and I like to take care of little, valuable things, and I dislike violence even in games, and certainly I'm not a possessive person...

It is hard to explain, but I think my contemplative view of things has a feminine side. And my artistic creations reflect that point of view. I understand a certain feminine world and I don't understand a world of men. Maybe my "feminine world" is not real, that may be true as well. I don't care. That is the world I love. Each person has its origins, its influences. In my life the influence of Provence and troubadours is an essential one. In Ancient times, in Provence women were the center of the universe, women and the idea of femininity. And socially and politically their role were very, very important.

In my art there are some clues, among them contemplation and femininity. In my works, these two aspects are the same. For me contemplation is the supreme happiness, but it needs femininity, it needs the freshness of life and love, it needs a supreme beauty, an inner beauty and the beauty of dreams.

I paint fairies, I paint sphinxes, I paint an idealized beauty that can convey this idea: meditation and freedom, absolute happiness, a paradise. Paradise, for me, is contemplation and love, and women have a lot to say about these two things. My passion for colors and forms is fully feminine. My passion for love and romanticism is fully feminine. Even my vision of religion is entirely feminine. My art... is in some way very feminine. "Unrealistically" feminine I would say.

I think this world of ours, in this time of absolute disaster, needs the full potential of women, needs the vision of women, needs the solutions of women, needs women who are not afraid of being fully themselves. Because we need, I think, femininity. We need love and compassion, we need the inner forces of the universe to work for a better future. The future, clearly, is feminine.

I don't usually say this, but I must say that I love this painting of mine, I love this "being", this red fairy. So if someone loves her like I do, I would be happy. The price of the painting is symbolic. If you love it, it can be yours, don't pay too much attention to the money. I you love it, if you love this "red fairy" she can be your woman of the infinite. Only in this case I could "sell" her. I love her like a symbol of freedom, like a love of my youth.

Juan Bielsa