March 16, 2009


Painting by Juan Bielsa

Magellan's Land
Oil on board, 70.5 x 49 cm
© Juan Bielsa

One of the most powerful tools we have in this world to achieve our dreams and objectives is FOCUS.

If we consistently focus on one aspect of our life that we want to manifest and reinforce, in due time our life will be different according to that attitude and concentration: we will have more and more ot that on which we have focused our attention.

For example, if we honestly focus on wealth, probably we won't be wealthy in one, three, nine months... But we have now a very solid foundation, and in due course some sort of phenomena according to our focused thought will be revealed.

I think art is very powerful in this respect. A painting is basically made for contemplation and thus concentration. The magical force of a great painting, a masterpiece, is inexhaustible. It is now a proved scientific fact that different colors affect us in different and powerful ways. So... what could be said of a powerful work of art!

We establish an emotional dialogue with a painting that we love, just the same as we establish relationships with people. Our friends, acquaintances... have a tremendous influence on us. In the same way, a painting can be a real friend of us, it is a spiritual "being", or a very special "object" if you want. The colors, forms, rhythms... of a work of art are constantly communicating to us maybe beauty, maybe calm, maybe joy... an infinite array of messages and emotions. And as we grew older and we have more experiences in life, a loved painting grew older as well, and it becomes "wiser" in a sense, just because we are able now to listen more carefully to its message and subtleties.

Ultimately, a great painting is a wonderful tool to our meditations and evolution, it can be a powerful magical tool at our disposal. A good painting is like a good friend, a treasure that continually is enriching our existence, illuminating our paths.

Juan Bielsa